Bon Bouche

A Good Mouthful…of Cheese

Cheese Are a Few of My Favorite Things: #1

(Okay, I’m sorry. I promise that I will soon get the cheese puns out of my system. For now, just consider this an effort in search engine optimization.)

The Namesake: Bonne Bouche

One of the first people I told about my planned career change was my incredible boss. Instead of getting upset in any way, he was immediately (and I really mean immediately) supportive and encouraging. One of the ways in which he showed his support was to bring in an article about the Vermont Butter and Cheese Creamery, an artisan cheese company from his wife’s home state. The article outlined the company’s amazing creation story, but also mentioned one of their signature and award-winning cheeses: the Bonne Bouche. As soon as I learned about this creamy, hand-ladled and ash-ripened goat cheese (goat cheese has always been my number one love), I knew I had to try it. Well, imagine my surprise when I found it (almost accidentally!) only a few days later. To be blunt: It’s amazing. So delicious. Words can’t even describe how much I loved this cheese, but the fact that I went ahead and named my blog after it might tell you something. Looking for some more substantive information? Check out the website.


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