Bon Bouche

A Good Mouthful…of Cheese

Cheese Are a Few of My Favorite Things #2

The Classic: Dubliner Irish Chedder

Remember in Clueless, when Travis Birkenstock wins the award for being the tardiest student, he thanks a number of people and concludes his speech with, “…and, last but not least, the wonderful crew from McDonalds, who spend hours making those egg McMuffins without which I might never be tardy. Well, let’s just say that Dubliner Irish Cheddar is my McDonalds crew. Goodnight.

Just kidding. I don’t expect anyone (or, nearly anyone) to understand what that means. Basically, while Dubliner cheese might be considered low-budge, it probably deserves the most credit for making me the cheese-lover (and, hence, aspiring cheese professional) that I am today. While I’ve always gotten down with anything cheesy, Dubliner was the first cheese that I ever craved on a regular basis. At some point when I first started going out and grocery shopping on my own (Trader Joes, whatsup?!), I discovered the joy of Dubliner. More specifically, I discovered the joy of a simple yet glorious dinner: Dubliner, pita crackers, fig spread, and wine. Before I had a solid romantic relationship with another human being, I had a solid romantic relationship with this. When I first announced my intention to be a cheesemonger, my boyfriend made me stipulate that, no matter how deep I went, I’d never turn my back on grocery store cheeses. I can’t believe he’d even question it. Dubliner, I’ll never leave you.


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