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Read This: Cremes & Bubblies Pairing Class Review


So, I must be late to the game, because I JUST discovered amazing cheese blog, It’s Not You, It’s Brie. I have a lot of catching up to do in those archives but, until then, I’m favoring this most recent post.

Blogger Kirstin Jackson taught a class on Sparkling Wine & Cheese pairings at The Cheese School of San Francisco (where I’ll be taking my first class this Thursday!), and I’m seriously bumming that I wasn’t in attendance. Cremont? Rush Creek Reserve? With these favorites on the plate, I can only imagine what new loves I’d discover. And, I mean….who couldn’t use a few glasses of champagne on a Monday night?

While  I’m sorry I missed it, Kirstin generously shares her pairing tips here. I’ll be taking notes!


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2 thoughts on “Read This: Cremes & Bubblies Pairing Class Review

  1. Working on that right now. Well, the exotic part, at least. No erotic cheeses on this blog. Ever.

  2. Louis Pasteur on said:

    Have you ever considered introducing your parents to the world of exotic or, better yet, erotic, cheeses? If so, would you blog about it?!?!?

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