Bon Bouche

A Good Mouthful…of Cheese

Another Vermont Creamery lover. I don’t know Pranqster, but soon I will!

Straight Outta Comte


North Coast Brewing and Vermont Creamery are pioneers of their respective fields. Long before it was cool to make awesome beers and high quality cheeses, these guys were already doing it the right way.

Bonne Bouche is the flagship cheese from Vermont Creamery. Lightly dusted with tree ash, they are put in their little crates and shipped off after only ten days of aging . VC sources their high quality goat milk from farms in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Ontario. VC are unrepentant Francophiles, so it is no small compliment to make comparisons between Bonne Bouche and the goat cheeses of the Loire Valley (a region that is the provenance of some of the world’s best goat cheeses and my favorite white wines). Soft and runny, with a rind more like a skin, Bonne Bouche is mild when young. With a few weeks of age the cheese becomes more firm…

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