Bon Bouche

A Good Mouthful…of Cheese

Who is Bon Bouche?

I left a blossoming career in book publishing & social media to follow my true passion: cheese. That was in 2012. Since then I’ve worked retail (officially earning my cheesemonger stripes), catering and event planning, private pairings and other classes, written for Culture Magazine, and worked in cheese sales & consulting — and I’ve enjoyed it all! I’m always wanting to learn more about where cheese comes from, how it’s made, who makes it, how it feels, smells and tastes and looks, and with what it should be paired. What I learn, I like to share, and in that way I’ve become a cheese preacher. This blog is where I write about it all.

Want more info? See my first post & My LinkedIn Profile.

Looking for help with cheese? Look no further.


4 thoughts on “Who is Bon Bouche?

  1. Bonnie – will you email me right away? I don’t have your email address and I heard of a job opp that might be right up your alley! -Anya (

  2. Hello Bonnie Kaufman Nice to meet you here… Very informative blog
    thanks Cyril

  3. Hello,

    I’m interested in having a private class for 8-12 ladies incorporating a cheese tasting or wine pairing as a celebration for one of the women who loves cheese. Would you be interested in doing something like this at a home in San Francisco? How do I contact you?



  4. Thanks for the lovely blog Bonnie. Reading your blog allayed some of my fears of entering the world of cheese professionally. I am now looking of ways to educate myself, maybe take up a certificate course. Hope the transition from my IT background to cheese won’t be too rough! Keep writing…

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